Vera Worri

Jane-of-All-Trades as adaptable
as the program you would like to build.

About Me

I enjoy fast paced environments with interesting problems to solve and I am perfectly happy wearing a wide range of different hats. To date, I have put on the hat of a BA, a Data Scientist, Back end developer, all the way to the Dev Ops stage for a single project simply because that was what was needed. I can work well independently or with a team. I know how to utilize the resources available to me and how to work without any.


My main skill is programming processes and using Python (in particular) to solve problems and automate background processes. Most of the processes I have built are computational in nature: building reports, verifying (and serving) data along with other auxiliary processes (automated email and SQL stored procedure calls) I have also done some network programming using Python. My most involved project is Eavesdrop. The app is part of the Unhackable Server Project. You can find it here on Github. Click the button bellow to see my Python programs on Github

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I have fallen in love with Go. Go is a very simple and powerful language that has allowed me to spin up simple servers while checking type. I have integrated these features to partner with Python's computational power. Go's speed also allows me to do iterations involving simple processes quickly before handing it to Python for more involved number-crunching. At the moment, I am experimenting with Go while building a worker processes as part of the Little Professor project.

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Back End Web Development

I am confident in Node.js, especially using Express servers. I can also spin up a Flask server in Python but my favorite backend language is Go. Connecting to different databases (PSql and Sql) , writing stored procedures to return needed data, and I do have nome experience with Mongodb.

Network Programming

I have worked on some projects that are focused on networks. From stenography, hashing algorithms, and an understanding of different interfaces and encryption algorithms. I also am familiar with t-shark and Wireshark and can do basic troubleshooting in unix-like systems. One of the projects I am working on now is a Python network sniffer that collects network data using Tshark and parses out the payload type of your choice. The project name is Eavesdrop. I am the only one working on this project and it will include a terminal bases UI for the user to modify the capture and the type of data parsed out by the program. I had to learn a lot about the linux terminal so far and I am still not done!

Data / Computational Work

Python, SQL, and PSql are amazing data science tools.I have worked with them and gotten quite familiar with writing stored procedures and functions that crunch numbers and produce reports. I focus more on making the work able to be automated and run periodically to stay as recent as possible. Faster stored procedures, smarter tables set ups, the ability to easily extrapolate as much information as possible from the out putted data. I have also worked on purely computational work

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